Our easy to implement cartridge based robotic adhesive dispensing kits rapidly turn the Universal Robot platform into precision dispensing machines. We offer multiple dispensing options for the most demanding and precise applications. From simple, tabletop adhesive applications to large components requiring coordinated 6-axis motion, we have a cost-effective, flexible, and safe solution for your application. We also offer a variety of valve and metering options for the most difficult applications.

A complete dispensing system kit allows you to turn the Universal Robot Platform into a complete precision dispensing machine.


The Robotic Adhesive Dispensing Kit is our original dispensing kit. Designed for single part syringes from 3 – 55 cc/mL. Ideal for applications requiring small volumes for dots and beads utilizing low to medium viscosity adhesives. Ideal for cyanoacrylates, UV cure adhesives, and premixed epoxies.

Robotic Dispense System


The Direct Dispense Kit is a pressure based dispensing system that is designed for 300 ml cartridges. The DDS kit allows for rapid and precise change over of 300 mL cartridges and is ideal for RTV’s, anaerobic sealant, silicone, and premixed/single part epoxies.

Direct Dispense System for 300 ml Cartridges

TPS 50ml Dual Cartridge

The TPS (Two-Part Small) cartridge kit for side by side two part materials utilizes a pressure based dual rod actuation and is designed for 50 ml two part cartridges. This is a pressure based system that can handle 1:1, 2:1, and 4:1 ratios. Ideal for dispensing beads and dots of small volume two part adhesives and sealants.

Two 2 part dispensing kit for 50 ml cartridges

Complete Dispensing Kits

Our complete system kits provide all the hardware needed to get a dispensing system up and running in hours… not days, weeks, or months. A complete kit allows you to turn the Universal Robot Platform into a complete precision dispensing machine.

Complete Robotic Dispensing System Kit

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Fast to setup: Setup is fast. Attach the end effector, plug in the wiring, add your syringe or cartridge, and start dispensing.

Easy to use: No programming knowledge is needed. The software pre-programs your initial dispense parameters. Teach additional points to rapidly setup your process.

Versatile: Our pressure control unit and software work with all our cartridge dispensing end effectors Use your Universal Robot for multiple processes for a faster ROI.

Flexible pressure controls: Our pressure controls are set through the robot teach pendant, so pressure settings don’t have to be defined with a manual regulator. Use the system with multiple components or processes with minimal changeover or operator error.
Vacuum capable: Vacuum suck back capability is built into the hardware and software to minimize mess and contamination from dripping (only recommended for
use with syringes).

Robotic Adhesive Dispensing Technical Specifications

Suited for the following applications: Gluing, dispensing, and welding

Complete Robotic Dispensing System Kit
Certified Universal Robots UR+


You can be up and running quickly by:

  • Assembling the robot table or cart
  • Mounting the robot to the table or cart
  • Mounting the end effector
  • Mounting the pressure control unit (PCU), air service unit (ASU), purge plate, stack light to the cart
  • Connecting air to the pressure control unit
  • Connecting your air line from the end effector to the pressure control unit
  • Connecting the wiring to the controller (pre-wired and labeled) for the PCU, ASU, and stack light

The UR Cap software will create a program node designed to create an initial bead. Following the quick start instructions will allow you to adjust your pressure, speed, and distance from the workpiece to quickly develop your dispense process.

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