Machine Vision Integration

Arsenal can help improve efficiency, increase product quality, and reduce production costs through machine vision integration for pick-and-place, OCR, and inspection  applications. Our experience with complex, precision vision projects ensures the correct selection of vision technology specific to your project needs.

ABB Robotics Keyence Vision Inspection Integration Arsenal

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Robotic Pick and Place Machine Vision
Keyence Optical Character Recognition OCR
Robotic Dimensional Machine Vision Inspection

Robotic Pick and Place

Arsenal uses vision guided robotics for pick and place of components for a variety of applications. Whether picking from conveyors, feeders, or static locations we can develop a system tailored for your process.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

We can help you identify characters for evaluating serial or lot numbers for static items or high speed applications.


Machine vision can be used for a variety of inspection applications. Whether you are inspecting for small particles on medical devices, adhesive bead profiles, dimensional inspections, or surface defects, we can help develop the right solution for you.


3D sensor integration
Assembly/component placement
Defect identification
Dimensional inspection
Flex feeding systems
High speed camera vision inspection

HMI integration
Inline bead inspection
Lot number detection and comparison
Multi-camera systems
OCR evaluation

Part inspection
Presence/Absence detection
PLC and other hardware integration
Vision guided robotics