Arsenal Products is a Certified System Integrator for Universal Robots’ collaborative robotic arms. UR collaborative robots are flexible, safe, and user friendly 6 axis robot arms. The robots are easily installed into existing production lines. Arsenal develops complete systems using the Universal Robot platform.

UR’s collaborative robots have reduced the typical high costs associated with robot programming, setup, and dedicated, caged work environments. As a result, making the jump to robotics and automation is now accessible and affordable to small and medium size manufacturers. Flexible work cells can maximize the investment of a robotic system for batch production and low volume manufacturing. Therefore, automation is affordable where it would otherwise be too expensive. With easy to learn, simple programming your operators can safely and efficiently run a Universal Robot with 90 minutes of online training… far less than weeks required for a traditional robotic system.

Development time of a custom robotic system has been reduced as a result of Universal Robots intuitive programming and easy to integrate control system. The tablet style robot interface means no expensive Human Machine Interface (HMI) screens.

Furthermore, the UR collaborative robots have an IP54 classification which can be safely installed into an ISO Class 5 or higher clean room. Additionally, the sealed design ensures no maintenance over the life of the robot.

Whether it’s a new process or getting more out of an existing process Arsenal has the tools to reduce your manufacturing costs quickly and affordably.

UR5 cobot for machine tending

What are Cobots?

Cobots are cost effective, flexible, safe and user-friendly collaborative robots that work closely with people in production environments. Cobots are making automation easier than ever before for small and medium sized businesses. Thanks to technological development, cobots are the future of the automation industry.

UR3e collaborative robot for custom automation solutions
UR5e collaborative robot for custom automation solutions
UR10e collaborative robot for custom automation solutions




The UR3 collaborative robot is a smaller collaborative table-top robot, perfect for light assembly tasks and automated workbench scenarios. The compact table-top cobot weighs only 24.3 lbs (11 kg), but has a payload of 6.6 lbs (3 kg),  ±360-degree rotation on all wrist joints, and infinite rotation on the end joint.

The medium-sized member of the Universal Robots family is ideal for automating low weight processing tasks with its 5 kg (11.0 lbs) payload and 850 mm reach radius. Easy to program and fast to set up, the UR5e strikes the perfect balance between size and power. The most versatile robot in the UR robot family.

With the ability to automate tasks up to 10 kg with no compromise on precision, the UR10e is the family’s most powerful robot. A reach radius of 1300 mm also enables it to carry out tasks like packaging and palletizing in facilities where there is a larger distance between different operating areas.

Ideal applications for a collaborative robot:

  • Gluing, fluid dispensing, spraying, and welding
  • Pick and place
  • Assembly
  • Sanding, grinding, and polishing
  • CNC machine tending
  • Quality inspection
  • Screw driving

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