Arsenal can help you choose a dispense valve that is ideal for your manufacturing process. Arsenal’s robotic adhesive dispensing systems utilize several valve options. Pressure and positive displacement based systems ensure that you have the correct dispensing end effector specific to your adhesive and process.
We have systems that are ideal for dispensing from small syringes (3-55 cc), single cartridges (300 ml), and two part cartridges (50 ml and up). Have a higher volume application? We can spec a custom solution including valve and pumping system paired with a 6 axis robot to meet your process requirements.
Arsenal offers dispense robots for every application and can help you choose a dispense robot including table top systems, large format robots, multi-task robotics systems, and custom turnkey solutions.


The Robotic Adhesive Dispensing Kit is our original dispensing kit. Designed for single part syringes from 3 – 55 cc/mL. Ideal for applications requiring small volumes for dots and beads utilizing low to medium viscosity adhesives. Ideal for cyanoacrylates, UV cure adhesives, and premixed epoxies.


The Direct Dispense Kit is a pressure based dispensing system that is designed for 300 ml cartridges. The DDS kit allows for rapid and precise change over of 300 mL cartridges and is ideal for RTV’s, anaerobic sealant, silicone, and premixed/single part epoxies.

Robotic dispensing of 300 ml cartridges

Side by Side

The Side by Side kit utilizes a pressure based dual rod actuation and is designed for 50 ml two part cartridges. This is a pressure based system that can handle 1:1, 2:1, and 4:1 ratios. Ideal for dispensing beads and dots of small volume two part adhesives and sealants.

50 ml two part robotic cartridge dispense end effector

Needle Valve

The Needle Valve kit is a pressure actuated positive displacement needle. The needle valve is ideal for small bead and micro dot placement of adhesives. The needle valve works well with a variety of low-medium viscosity fluids and can be used with syringes and reservoirs. The needle valve typically works best with single part materials.

Needle valve for robotic adhesive dispensing

Custom Valves

Have an application that you don’t see here? We integrate a wide variety of custom valve solutions on the Universal Robot platform.

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