Arsenal offers all the accessories for robotic adhesive dispensing that will allow you to get your precision dispensing process up and running quickly and easily.

Tip Detection Sensors

Our sensors are plug and play for Universal Robots to ensure rapid and easy setup of a precision process. The tip detection sensor is ideal for any size or shape dispensing tip including small stainless steel tips through large transparent two-part mixing tips. No programming knowledge is needed to implement the sensor.

The tip detect sensor comes with a starter program and instructions to implement the TCP adjustment into your production program. Pared with our Universal Robot certified dispensing kit you can turn your UR 6-axis robot into a precision dispensing machine.

Robotic Adhesive Tip Detection Sensor for Large and Transparent Tips

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Purge Plate

Our purge plate system includes the hardware and software for a complete, clean dispense system. 

Arsenal Robotic Adhesive Dispensing - Purge Plate
Robotic Dispensing Regulator

Air Service Unit

The Arsenal robotic dispense system utilizes components from SMC. The air service unit comes pre-wired with a soft start valve that is connected directly to the robot controller. The wiring is pre-labeled for easy, plug-and-play setup. The air service unit will cut pressure to the dispensing system when an e-stop is activated to ensure no adhesive continues to flow.

Dispense Tip Starter Kit

Our dispense tip starter kit will help you get your process parameters set up as quickly as possible. The kit includes the following items:

  • 10 CC syringes and pistons – qty 3
  • 10 CC syringe barrel adapters – qty 3
  • 22 gauge tapered tips – .017″ ID – Blue – Qty 5
  • 20 gauge tapered tips – .024″ ID – Pink – Qty 5
  • 18 gauge tapered tips – .035″ ID – Green – Qty 5
  • 14 gauge tapered tips – .063″ ID – Lt Pink – Qty 5
  • 22 gauge SS tips – .019″ ID – Black – Qty 5
  • 20 gauge SS tips – .026″ ID – Yellow – Qty 5
  • 18 gauge SS tips – .038″ ID – Pink – Qty 5
  • 14 gauge SS tips – .067″ ID – Green – Qty 5
  • Male to Female Connector – White Nylon – Qty 5
  • Male Cap – White Nylon – Qty 5
  • 1/4 NPT – Male Luer – White Nylon – Qty 5
Dispense Tip Starter Kit - Arsenal Robotic Dispensing