3D Printing Services

Arsenal Products features several 3D printing services to accelerate your development process. We provide rapid turnaround of components for development, prototyping, bridge to production, and end use production to get your device to market faster.

MultiJet Printing Services

Our Multi Jet 3D printers are ready to print your custom components where high-resolution, durability, accuracy, and aesthetic are key. With a smooth surface finish, available in several materials, most air- and water-tight, this process brings the best simulation of production materials to you days rather than weeks. With our USP Class VI Traceable biocompatible material, medical and wearable applications are a snap. Injection molds are easier than ever with the high-heat M3-X. 3D printing services from Arsenal can eliminate injection mold tooling and bridge tooling all together with cost competitive components for low to medium volume applications.

High Resolution and fast turn time using the MultiJet 3D Printer

MultiJet Fusion 3D Printing Services

Our Multi Jet Fusion printing services are the perfect blend of cost vs. quality. Jet Fusion is up to 10x faster than FDM and SLS, comparable in cost, and higher resolution. We can prototype your components faster or use Multi Jet Fusion for low to medium volume production. The Nylon PA 12 material is durable, air and water tight, and is capable of meeting USP Class I-VI applications, FDA guidance for Intact Skin Surface Devices, RoHS, EU REACH, and PAHs.

Fast and Affordable 3D Printing using the MultiJet Fusion 3D Printer

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