High Resolution 3D Printing Services

Why Arsenal for 3D printing?

-High quality industrial grade printers for rapid turnaround

-Prototype through end use production components

-Resolution down to 16 micron-higher quality than FDM, SLA, SLS

-USP Class VI biocompatible capable, traceable materials

-ABS-like and Nylon PA12 materials

-Excellent for device components, clean room tooling, robotics

-Faster and cheaper than CNC machining for initial prototypes

-Cost competitive to injection molding for 100-1000 pieces

Material Selection:

Not sure what material is right for your application? Identify the correct additive manufacturing process based on your specific needs.

VisiJet ABS-Like Materials:

-Highest resolution
-Good surface finish
-Thin wall sections
-USP Class VI bicompatibility and traceability

HP Jet Fusion Nylon PA12 Materials:

-Good resolution
-Excellent surface finish
-Tensile strength
-Temperature tolerance
-USP Class VI bicompatibility and traceability

“I ordered the parts, they showed up in the mail ahead of schedule, packaged professionally and the parts looked great. I’d highly recommend using their service for any of your manufacturing needs.”

-Scott Sherriff, Sheriff Mechanical Design